Excel in your performance

Fast&Up is the active lifestyle brand of Novelty Pharma, a Swiss pharmaceutical company founded in Lugano in 2001 by Dr. Massimiliano Baratelli.

With more than 20 years of research, development and experience in the manufacturing of effervescent products, Novelty Pharma is the science behind Fast&Up.

A chance conversation between cyclists and a family owning a state-of-the-art laboratory in Lugano lead to a passion for fitness. It was fate that led to the formation of Fast&Up and the start of our journey into the world of sports nutrition. Now available in 34 countries worldwide, Fast&Up is bringing high-quality, clean, intelligent nutrition that performs to a whole new active lifestyle audience

Excel In Your Performance

If you want an active life, it begins with Fast&Up

Fast&Up enables you to achieve your optimum fitness goals, by bringing you the very best in Intelligent sport nutrition. With our innovative Swiss technology, we have developed formulations that provide essential, holistic nutrition to enable your body to perform better and help athletes to excel.

With a desire to fuel every sport, FAST&UP brings you products that deliver results and help to achieve optimum fitness goals, creating a refreshing pathway towards active living, fitness and wellness.

creating a refreshing pathway towards active living, fitness and wellness


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